Industrial Waste Treatment, Volume I
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Industrial Waste Treatment, Volume I


This course is designed to train operators to safely and effectively operate industrial waste treatment plants.


This course is designed to train operators in the practical aspects of operating and maintaining industrial wastewater treatment plants, emphasizing safe practices and procedures. Information is presented on the importance and responsibilities of an industrial treatment plant operator, why industrial and municipal wastewaters must be treated, regulations governing industrial wastes, sources of wastes, methods for preventing and minimizing wastes at the source, and industrial waste monitoring. Operators learn to operate and maintain flow measurement equipment, preliminary treatment processes (equalization, screening, and pH adjustment), physical-chemical treatment processes (coagulation, flocculation, and sedimentation), pressure and gravity filters (including membrane filters), physical treatment processes (air stripping and carbon adsorption), and processes for treatment of metal wastestreams. Operators will also learn to operate and maintain treatment plant instrumentation equipment and systems. Additional chapters address detailed safety procedures and plant maintenance. This course focuses on actual operating procedures and teaches operators to analyze and solve operational problems.

9 CEUs (90 contact hours)
3rd Edition, 2005
ISBN 978-1-59371-028-6
Course Time Limit: 6 months
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  • Comprehensive Review Questions and Suggested Answers
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Enrollment $50 USD
Manual $49 USD
Course Package (Enrollment plus Manual) $99 USD
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