Glossary of Water and Wastewater Terms

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Wet Oxidation

A method of treating or conditioning sludge before the water is removed. Compressed air is blown into the liquid sludge. The air and sludge mixture is fed into a pressure vessel where the organic material is stabilized. The stabilized organic material and inert (inorganic) solids are then separated from the pressure vessel effluent by dewatering in lagoons or by mechanical means.

Water Purveyor (purr-VAY-or)

An agency or person that supplies water (usually potable water).

Broken Section

A run of pipe between two joints is referred to as a section. A fracture in a section is called a broken section.

Television Inspection

An inspection of the inside of a sewer pipe made by pulling a closed-circuit television camera through the pipe.

Cone of Depression

The depression, roughly conical in shape, produced in the water table by the pumping of water from a well. Also called the cone of influence. Also see CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE.