Glossary of Water and Wastewater Terms

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Design and operation of a process control system whereby failure of the power system or any component does not result in process failure or equipment damage.

Industrial Wastewater

Liquid wastes originating from industrial processing. Because industries have peculiar liquid waste characteristics requiring special consideration, these sources are usually handled and treated separately before being discharged to a wastewater collection system.


The spread from minimum to maximum values that an instrument is designed to measure. Also see EFFECTIVE RANGE and SPAN.

Nominal Diameter

An approximate measurement of the diameter of a pipe. Although the nominal diameter is used to describe the size or diameter of a pipe, it is usually not the exact inside diameter of the pipe.

Particulate (par-TICK-yoo-let)

A very small solid suspended in water that can vary widely in size, shape, density, and electrical charge. Colloidal and dispersed particulates are artificially gathered together by the processes of coagulation and flocculation.