Glossary of Water and Wastewater Terms

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5 random terms from our glossary

Filter Aid

A chemical (usually a polymer) added to water to help remove fine colloidal suspended solids.

Molecular Oxygen

The oxygen molecule, O2, that is not combined with another element to form a compound.

Reagent (re-A-gent)

A pure, chemical substance that is used to make new products or is used in chemical tests to measure, detect, or examine other substances.

Baseline Monitoring Report (BMR)

All industrial users subject to categorical pretreatment standards must submit a baseline monitoring report (BMR) to the control authority (POTW, state, or EPA). The purpose of the BMR is to provide information to the control authority to document the industrial user's current compliance status with a categorical pretreatment standard.

Desiccator (DESS-uh-kay-tor)

A closed container into which heated weighing or drying dishes are placed to cool in a dry environment in preparation for weighing. The dishes may be empty or they may contain a sample. Desiccators contain a substance (DESICCANT), such as anhydrous calcium chloride, that absorbs moisture and keeps the relative humidity near zero so that the dish or sample will not gain weight from absorbed moisture.