Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation
Specialist Certificate

The Office of Water Programs now offers a Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation Specialist Certificate program. Classes are offered as correspondence courses using the training manuals published by the Office of Water Programs. The correspondence courses enable students to work at their own pace and to schedule studies around their other commitments. The certificate program comprises the following courses:

Students will earn six units of academic credit for completing each course, and, upon completion of all three courses, will be awarded a Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation Specialist Certificate from California State University, Sacramento. The academic credits earned for completing each course may be transferable to other academic institutions for students working toward a degree.

Students can take the courses individually or as part of the certificate program. Each course serves as excellent preparation for taking state certification exams and will also satisfy initial training and continuing education requirements for wastewater treatment licensing. Students will earn six academic credits (90 contact hours) for each course completed.

The cost for each course is $912. The cost includes university enrollment, exam materials and grading, administration of the online final exam, and awarding of academic credits. Manuals must be purchased separately.

To register for the certificate program, contact the College of Continuing Education at California State University, Sacramento at 916-278-6984. To purchase manuals and other training products or for questions about exam administration, contact the Office of Water Programs at 916-278-6142.

Note that this certificate program is offered separately from the operator training courses that offer continuing education units (CEUs).

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