Research Team Bios

Erik Porse
Research Engineer
Erik Porse
  • PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Davis, 2014
  • MPP, Science and Technology Public Policy, George Mason University, 2005
  • BS, Engineering (Acoustical Engineering and Music), 2002
Research Engineer, Office of Water Programs, California State University, Sacramento, 2017-Present
  • Urban water management and planning
  • Water resource systems analysis
  • Simulation and optimization modeling
  • Stormwater planning and policy
Postdoctoral Researcher/Associate Research Director, California Center for Sustainable communities, UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability,, 2014-2017
  • Integrated modeling of urban water systems
  • Groundwater policy and planning
  • Stormwater capture
  • Systems analysis and data integration
  • Online, open-source mapping and visualization tools
  • Student advising and mentoring
  • Sustainability systems science
  • Groundwater policy and planning
  • Community-scale advanced energy systems planning
  • Policy and institutional analysis
  • Network science
Professional Interests: Integrated urban water management, models for decision-making, environmental system management, stormwater systems planning, integrating science and social science in modeling, large-scale data analysis and integration, visualization and mapping, GIS, network analysis, science communication