Small Wastewater System Operation and Maintenance, Volume I
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Small Wastewater System Operation and Maintenance, Volume I


This course is designed to train operators in the daily aspects of safely operating and maintaining small wastewater collection, treatment, and effluent discharge systems. The manual focuses on specific knowledge and skills needed to operate and maintain small wastewater systems as efficiently and effectively as possible. Process descriptions reflect the best current practices and procedures actually being used to operate and maintain small wastewater systems.


This course describes the roles and responsibilities of the operator and presents detailed descriptions of the equipment and processes commonly used in small community wastewater systems, including septic tanks, effluent and grinder pumps, and gravity, pressure, and vacuum collection systems. Treatment and disposal options discussed include sand and gravel filters, leach fields, seepage pits, mounds, and evapotranspiration systems. Other topics geared to the needs of small utility agencies include how to develop a maintenance program and how to set rates.

9 CEUs (90 contact hours)
2nd Edition, 2012
ISBN 978-1-59371-062-0
Course Time Limit: 6 months
Other Sections
  • Comprehensive Review Questions and Suggested Answers
  • How to Solve Wastewater System Arithmetic Problems
  • Wastewater Words
  • Subject Index
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Manual $49 USD
Course Package (Enrollment plus Manual) $124 USD
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