Collection Systems: Methods for Evaluating and Improving Performance
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Collection Systems: Methods for Evaluating and Improving Performance


This course explains how to use collection system O&M program performance indicators, benchmarking data, and surveys to evaluate and improve system performance.


This course is a practical guide to evaluating and improving collection system performance through the review of data presented in detailed case studies and survey results from 21 collection systems. A discussion of the evaluation process includes:
* Identifying O&M program areas that affect system performance
* Verifying and validating what is currently being done well in the O&M program
* Identifying areas where the O&M program can be more cost-effective
* Identifying areas of potential liability in the system
* Adapting successful ideas and solutions from other agencies nationwide

A discussion of typical collection system problems and needs is included. Case studies are presented using the original 1998 survey data in comparison with data gathered from a 2008 follow-up survey. The examples discussed throughout the manual are representative of small, medium, and large agencies from diverse geographical areas.

You are presented with information about situations and issues encountered by most collection system operators and managers as well as examples of O&M program adjustments that vary with the age of the system, extent and effectiveness of the programs, local conditions, and funding. With this in mind, you can adapt the information and procedures in this manual to fit your particular situation when developing a plan to evaluate and improve your system's performance.

3 CEUs (30 contact hours)
3rd Edition, 2018
ISBN 978-1-323-81632-5
Course Time Limit: 3 months
Other Sections
  • Appendix A, Literature Review
  • Appendix B, Data Collection Forms
  • Appendix C, Benchmarking Worksheets
  • Answer Key
  • Glossary
  • Index
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Manual $80 USD
Course Package (Enrollment plus Manual) $155 USD
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