4. Groundwater Treatment, Part 1 Objectives

Following completion of Video 4 and Chapter 4, students should be able to:

  1. Identify groundwater sources.
  2. Conduct a sanitary survey.
  3. Develop a groundwater source protection program.
  4. Protect a well from contamination.
  5. Identify the parts of a well and pump system.
  6. Operate and maintain a well pump and hydropneumatic pressure tank.
  7. Inspect a well and pumping system.
  8. Disinfect wells and pumps.
  9. Keep accurate records of a well and pumping system.
  10. Remove sand from water mains.
  11. Troubleshoot a well and pumping system.

NOTE: Chapter (Video) 5 covers information on how to treat groundwater, including how to control iron and manganese, treat hardness, prevent and control tastes and odors, and add fluoride to water. Chapter (Video) 5 also presents information on corrosion control and compliance with the Lead and Copper Rule.

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