2. Hypochlorination Objectives

Following completion of Video 2 and Chapter 2, you should be able to:

  1. Describe reasons for drinking water disinfection
  2. Describe factors influencing disinfections
  3. Inspect a hypochlorination system
  4. Calculate chlorine dosage
  5. Determine hypochlorinator setting
  6. Safely operate and maintain hypochlorinators
  7. Clean hypochlorite feed pump (acid flushing, washing, and lubrication)
  8. Review critical spare parts list
  9. Safely prepare and mix chlorine solutions (calcium and sodium hypochlorite)
  10. Measure chlorine residual
  11. Troubleshoot hypochlorination systems
  12. Use hypochlorite safely
  13. Administer a hypochlorination safety program
  14. Keep accurate hypochlorination records
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