Industrial Waste Treatment, Volume I, Chapter 9, Filtration

Following completion of Chapter 9, students should be able to:

  1. Identify and describe the components of inert-media gravity and pressure filters.
  2. Explain how membrane filters operate.
  3. Start up and shut down filters.
  4. Safely operate and maintain filters.
  5. Troubleshoot a filtration system.
  6. Develop operational strategies for inert-media and membrane filtration systems.
  7. Review plans and specifications for filter systems.

The purpose of this chapter is to teach operators how to start up, operate, shut down, and maintain filtration systems. The chapter describes the components and operation of inert-media filters (gravity, pressure, and continuous backwash types) and cross flow membrane filters. Operators will also learn how to troubleshoot filtration problems and what to look for when reviewing plans and specifications for filtration systems.

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